Meet The Staff
Chief Mark Brinkert
Chief Brinkert graduated from the Kalamazoo Regional Recruit Academy in 1984 and went to work for the Vicksburg Police Department and Schoolcraft Police Department part time before he was hired full time by the Benton Harbor Police Department. Chief Brinkert was named Benton Harbor Police Officer of the Year 1992 for his work to reduce crime and drugs and to improve relations in the city's housing developments. In 1993 he was hired as chief for the Village of Colon. In 1995 he accepted a job with the Village of Schoolcraft but remained part time in Colon. He returned to Colon full time in 2000 and was appointed Chief in 2005. He is on the St. Joseph County 9-1-1 Board and the St. Joseph County United Way Board. Mark enjoys spending time with his family, working in their yard and fishing with his son.
Sergeant Joel Herr
Sergeant Herr graduated from Kellogg Community College in December 1999, going to work for Emmett Township Department of Public Safety part time. In 2001 he was hired part time in Colon. In 2003 he became full time then was promoted to Sergeant in 2006. Sgt. Herr is the department's training officer, investigator and weapons armorer. He is a member of the St. Joseph County Special Response Team. Joel enjoys spending time with his family and playing cards in his off duty time.

Corporal Jeff Bingaman
Officer Bingaman graduated from the Kalamazoo Regional Recruit Academy in June 2006 and was hired by the Village of Colon in January of 2007 as a full time officer. In January 2009 he went to work full time for the St. Joseph County Sheriff Office but remains a part time officer for Colon, filling in and working special events. Jeff was promoted to Corporal in April of 2019 and is in charge of the Department's Bicycle Unit. Off duty Jeff is a Notre Dame fan and enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters.

Quick Fact:

Two teens in a car increases the likelihood of a crash by 86 percent, three teens by 182 percent, according to research conducted by Johns Hopkins University.
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