Please Note: To file an official complaint or to report a crime in progress or other emergency, please Dial 911 instead of using this form.
About Submitting A Crime Tip:

If you have knowledge of a crime commited in the Colon area, or by someone who resides in or around our Village, we hope you'll consider giving us the information. You can stop by to see us, call us, or use this form to give us your tip.

Crime tips are the most valuable when we know who they came from. We would appreciate it if you would give us the information we'd need to contact you in case we have questions about the information you're submitting. But even anonymous tips can help solve a crime, so if you have to remain anonymous we still want the information you have.

By partnering with our citizens, we work together to keep the crime rate low in our area. Our citizens are valuable sources of information that has been directly responsible for solving crimes in our Village. One more consideration is that in the event a reward is offered we need to be able to make contact with you in order to give you any reward you might have coming.
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Which Of The Following Is Most True?:I witnessed this incident.
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In the box below, please give us as much information as you can about the crime you're reporting, such as number of suspects, names if you know them, clothing descriptions, information about possible motives or any other information you have that will help us turn this report into an arrest.
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Can We Contact You?:You may contact me using the information I provided above.
Only contact me if absolutely necessary.
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Traffic crashes are the number one cause of death among children and young adults.
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